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Running tips from Matthew Melling aka The Wigan Runner

We’ve caught up with Matthew Melling aka The Wigan Runner, our October Beet It Sport ambassador to find out how he was and how he had been keeping busy during lockdown.

Back in January 2017, Matthew set himself the challenge of running 5K every day for a month to get back into shape, before deciding to keep going and start raising money for charities. To this day, he has not only managed to do it for 1242 days and counting, running in over 20 countries, but has also raised the impressive £34k for various charities.

We’ve asked him to share his top tips on how to keep active during lockdown:

  1. The hardest step is always the first one… put on your favourite trainers and running clothes and find your favourite music!
  2. Once you’ve stepped out of the front door you’re already half way there… if you have not run before or for a while, start by walking at an easy pace that you are comfortable with… then build up slowly whilst listening to your body!
  3. If you enjoy watching or listening to something on the TV/radio, why not try to find something similar in a podcast format to listen to whilst running – learn and get fit!
  4. Running and exercising gets easier everyday as your body, muscles and mind become more used to running.