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November Ambassador

Conor Barrasford is our Beet It Sport ambassador for November.

Conor is a 21 year old aspiring professional Ironman athlete, who recently graduated from the University of Bath with a BSc degree in Politics and Economics, where he coincided his studies with Ironman, ultramarathons and sports science. Conor works as a corporate journalist on an athlete-friendly contract, to enable him to pursue an elite career in sport. He also runs a website and blog where he discusses all things triathlon/endurance sport related.

“This year I’ve experimented with quite a Vo2 Max-dense regimen; Beet It Sport has allowed me to operate at a high intensity for longer. By drawing out intervals, I’ve been able to progress at a greater rate than I had originally calculated; nothing quite compares to realizing the benefits of something first-hand, in your own body.” – Conor Barrasford