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Q&A with Bobby Pallett

Bobby Pallett is a professional unbeaten MMA fighter and is British FCC Welterweight Champion who has recently been signed to Bellator. He is fighting next on Bellator Dublin on 5 November against Nicolo Solli who a training partner of Conor McGregor is. Bobby is known for his finishing with 4 of his last 5 fights ending by knockout or submission wins. He is aiming to become the Bellator World Welterweight Champion.

How did you get into MMA?

I started watching the ultimate fighter and got hooked straight away, so thought I’d give it a go at my local gym. Never looked back!

How are you have you been coping during the lockdowns?

I still trained during the first lockdown, so I was fine. 2nd lockdown I had an injury, so I started streaming on Facebook Gaming and managed to make a small wage while the gyms were closed.

 What has been your greatest sporting achievement?

Winning the FCC British Title in my last fight.

What are your other interests outside of MMA?

Gaming, Football, anything sporty really. I’m up for trying anything

What motivates you to train and compete at the elite level in sport?

Winning a world title eventually! That’s my goal and I’m motivated to get there.

Do you have an athlete role model who inspired you?

I used to look up to the guys in UFC/Bellator but now I see people as potential opponents so I wouldn’t say I have a role model anymore.

What advice do you have young athletes looking to get into MMA?

Find a good team, train hard, make sure you’re well rounded and train in every discipline. Have plenty of amateur fights before thinking about going pro

Describe your perfect weekend.

Fighting in Las Vegas on a Saturday night. Then celebrating all day Sunday with Beet It Sport and Zinger assisting my recovery haha.

How has Beet It Sport helped your performance?

I feel I have added energy with Beet it and extra gas in my tank when I go into later rounds when sparring which will prepare me well for fight night

Have you used any other James White Drinks products?

I love Zinger and turmeric which I know boosts my immune system