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May Ambassador

Lewis Bloor

How did you get involved in online coaching?

Freedom to travel, work and to be fit and healthy have always been my pillars of success when I think about where i’m trying to get to with my life. Online Coaching happened as a natural progression from Personal Training – The main reason I love it so much is because hour for an hour I can help 100x the clients as a Personal Training in a gym.

What type of online coaching do you offer?

I always start at the end. As in I start with my clients end goal in mind. My Coaching is about you. Who do you want to be in the next 3-6 months. Then I reverse engineer my clients plans to meet them where they are at now. Using flexible meal plans always has huge results for my clients because they can live their lives and make changes at the same time!

What do you enjoy the most about helping people with their fitness and nutrition?

Everything. I have such tremendous job satisfaction from watching my guys make progress. There is no area of their life that is untouched by the improvement in their physical and mental fitness. I’ve had clients tell me their fitness journey has saved their marriage & relationship with their daughter. Picking up healthy habits is a guiding light to those around you. I really do love this game!

What are your top three tips for living a healthy lifestyle?

1. Train your body to become a tool, not an ornament.

2.Test Yourself.

3.Reward Yourself. The list could go on but let’s start there….

What is your favourite cheat meal?

Thai Food – I order a Chicken Green Curry, Coconut Rice, Satay Chicken. No Gluten or Dairy which is key for me due to my intolerances (plus it absolutely BANGS) – Food Intolerances and the effect it has on you is something that gets covered in my online coaching that not many people pay attention to.

Describe your perfect weekend.

 Friday – Walk around Hackney Wick & the Canal with my girl, get some good food, in bed by 11 watching a nice movie. Saturday – Big HIIT Session, I lift weights all week so Sunday I like to train with my girl and we love to do HIIT together, open-air of course rain or shine. The rest of the day will be In London eating drinking and being with friends – Sunday – Sunday is always Family day – I have a big family and so does my girl so we always see the nieces and nephews and go for a walk usually to the Fish Shack in Epping forest for Oysters and Bacon & Scallop Rolls. Sunday night is all about work and focusing on the week ahead (and washing clothes). Perfect Weekend. Job Done.

What are your main reasons for recommending Beet It Sport to athletes?

I used to drink a lot of energy drinks being on my feet all day with clients. I swapped to Beet it sport instead of buying a MONSTER and haven’t looked back. For me, I feel clear but not wired and that translates to better sessions for my clients. Plus with my own sessions I feel and see the pump & vasodilation caused by the nitrates in beetit sport. Much less fatigue to the end of my workouts too.

Anything additional you would like to say about Beet It Sport?

If you’re unsure of any of the benefits of beetroot the information and research is out there. I never ask anyone to just blindly follow my advice, the world is a big place full of information if you look in the right places. Beet It Sport has done their research and delivered a phenomenal product. Thank you guys keep up the great work.