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Q&A with Mica Moore

Mica Moore is a British bobsleigher who has represented Wales at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, was crowned GB Women No.1 Brakewomen in 2016 and competed at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang.

How did you get into bobsleigh?

I was tricked! No I’m just kidding. In 2014 I went to the Commenwealth Games as part of the 4x100m relay team for Wales, we had an amazing time, finished 7th and came away with a National record. I wanted to push on after this and really cement myself as a sprinter but I was struck with a Virus in 2015.. It really wiped me out to the point where I wasn’t competed at my best. I didn’t want to quit sport but I wanted to find a new challenge. I had a friend in the Team who joked that I had ‘put on abit of weight and couldn’t run as far’ so I was ‘ Perfect for Bobsleigh’… I went along for trials in July 2016 and in September 2016 I was crown GB womens no.1 brakewoman.

How are you have you been coping during the lockdowns?

To begin with I felt like I coped really well. I’m a planner and prepper so last year when I hear there would be a lock down I bough a running machine and put it in my living room!! From there I built a gym in the garden and started kitting it out. Mentally it’s been tough at times, training but not knowing when you can compete. Wales has really strict guidelines on what athletes they deem elite, so it’s left many athletes with nowhere to train but I’m not giving up and working hard for when the rules are eventually relaxed!

What has been your greatest sporting achievement?

My greatest sporting achievement is competing at the Olympic Games. It was something I put my all into and worked so hard to learn the skill of bobsleigh. It’s also my biggest mental battle! Bobsleigh is a very scary sport, we had a few crashes in my first year and I had to really utilise my support system around me to get through the tough times.

What are your other interests outside of bobsleigh?

Disney! I love just relaxing under my Minnie mouse blanket with a cup of tea in one of my Disney mugs, watching a Disney film! My favorite Disney film? .. I couldn’t possibly choose! But I do love watching Pocahontas.

What motivates you to train and compete at the elite level in sport?

I think I motivate me. I love competing against myself. Seeing how far I can push myself and challenge my mind. Most people wouldn’t have expected me to get in a bobsleigh or get in a boxing ring but I do it because I wouldn’t want my mind to beat me!

Do you have an athlete role model who inspired you?

Lolo Jones, she’s an Olympic sprint hurdler who unfortunately fell at a hurdle in one of her biggest career races, she then turned and is now a Olympic Bobsledder and more recently a World champion. She’s amazing her attitude is so positive and she just won’t give up!

What advice do you have young athletes looking to get into bobsleigh?

Go for it! It’s amazing to be able to say you’ve done something that’s different to the usual sports we play in Britain.. You’ll learn a lot about yourself, It’ll give you great life skills and you’ll never be scared of rollercoasters again!

 Describe your perfect weekend.

Perfect weekend would be a good training session on a Saturday .. bit of running.. bit of gym and then a nice meal of Saturday night! Either chicken wings or homemade curry! Yum… Sundays are for lounging on the sofa! .. All day!

How has Beet It Sport helped your performance?

It’s most definitely helped with my morning get up and go! I take a shot with my breakfast.. it’s refreshing and I feel ready to attack the day 😊

Have you tried any of our other James White Drinks products?

 I’ve tried the zinger range and I love it!!