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January Ambassador

Peter Thompson, the current Guinness world record holder for the most crossovers skips in 60 seconds is officially our January ambassador. With the impressive number of 117 crossovers skips achieved in March 2019, Peter has recently become a double world record holder in November 2019, breaking the record for the most crossovers in 30 seconds.

In 2012, Peter started skipping as a way to overcome depression and anxiety. He was hoping to improve and mood and mental wellbeing through exercise and after starting off with simply going to the gym, cycling and swimming, he moved on to skipping to the beat of his favorite music. He quickly mastered his skills and launched ‘Skip Beatz’, an organization promoting skipping to music and promoting healthy lifestyle in schools.

Aside from his training programme, his nutritional intake is also key to the preparation of the world record attempt. On top of a rigorous and balanced diet, Peter has been drinking our Beet It juice everyday for almost 7 years and he has found it to have true benefits on his performance and general health. In the final days before a big competition, Peter would switch to using Beet It Sport shots to become increase his endurance further.

His plans for 2020 would be to achieve more skipping world records, whilst his body is in peak physical condition. For example, he aspires to break the endurance record of the most continuous crossovers without a break, some athletic track records including the fastest mile, fastest 400m and fastest 100m whilst skipping, and the highest altitude skip, which will see himself and a camera crew hike up a volcano or mountain in an exotic destination and skip at the top to push the boundaries.