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Exciting times for our Thorncroft range!

The Thorncroft cordial brand, which we acquired by James White Drinks in 2011, was the original pioneering cordial range that introduced Elderflower to the wider UK market and has been one of our best selling range ever since.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, we have just given it a brand new look, which emphasizes its plant-based origins with a beautiful and elegant design. This also coincides with a reformulation which we have worked on last year to reduce the sugar content of our cordials. Our Thorncroft cordials now not only look a lot more appealing but they also taste a lot better with up to 37% less sugar! The dilution ratio have remained the same, with up to 3 litres of juice per 33cl bottle.

To add a little spice, we’ve also added a new Turmeric cordial has been added to the range, which in fact is the very first turmeric cordial ever sold in the UK! This golden yellow gently spicy root is widely used in both Indian cooking and traditional eastern medicine, especially for its anti-inflammatory benefits derived from Curcumin. Our cordial is made with pressed turmeric juice not turmeric powder giving it a lively refreshing taste and an attractive golden colour.

Lawrence Mallinson, Managing Director at James White commented: ‘We have been pressing turmeric juice for our Zinger range for many years. Making a cordial from this juice seemed obvious – especially as it has proved so popular for its delicious taste as much as for its well documented health attributes. Surprisingly we think this is a world’s first turmeric cordial’

The range now includes the original “Wild Elderflower” with its special delicate flavour produced by infusing the petals alone without the stalks, the ever popular Pink Ginger, Wild Nettle and Rosehip flavours from the hedgerows, together with the Detox (Dandelion and Burdock made with apple concentrate and no added sugar at all) and Kombucha, another eastern influenced flavour. There’s a Thorncroft for all tastebuds and all seasons!