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Exciting NPD for Beet It Sport

We have successfully developed new 100% beetroot crystals with naturally high nitrate content which will be launched as BEET IT SPORT NITRATE 8000 concentrated beetroot crystals in March 2021.

Dietary supplements play an important role in an athlete’s sports nutrition plan, supporting general health, recovery and enhancing exercise performance. Dietary nitrate from beetroot juice (specifically our Beet It Sport shots) have a large and constantly growing body of serious published scientific evidence to support their use as safe, legal and effective. A 200g tub of Beet It crystals will contain c 8000mg natural dietary – so 20  x 10g servings each with 400mg nitrate, over five times more than the equivalent of other beetroot powders available which are not made from concentrated beetroot juice.

The development of this product was made possible through a Growth Through Innovation Fund grant received from the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership programme supported by the European Regional Development Fund.